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2014. augusztus 3., vasárnap


I love the dungarees! Cute but pretty...

Back to the 80s !!

The first, that I wanted to try to, is the 80s fashioned Kelly Bundy. I loved that character, and Christina Applegate is one of my favourite actresses. She had an image, and she wasn't too smart. No, she was really stupid, but had a style! Sometimes my dad still calling me Kelly, cuz it was one of my reqests when I was 11-12 years old. 

(It's not the first time, in Kelly's style, and not the last... I love it.)

2014. július 7., hétfő


I decided, I must be change my hair. My original colour is brown, but always wanted to be blonde. Soooooooo ... I started to dye it. It's not already finished, but I wanted to post, this big change! 

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