2009. július 17., péntek

Today... JEEE!

My breakfast!

My new nails! ^o^

Me and my crazy sister... xD

Neighbor lady and my sister!!! ^o^

2-3 hours and Departure!!! I don't like waiting! >_<

Eva Pigford

Eva Marcille (born Eva Marcille Pigford on October 30, 1984) is an American actor, TV host and fashion model. She was the winner of the third cycle of America's Next Top Model, and was the first African American contestant to win the program. She began portraying Tyra Hamilton on the Daytime Emmy-winning soap opera The Young and the Restless in June 2008. She previously went by the name Eva Pigford.

America's next topmodell Circle 3?
the first time that a player has won, who deserved it.

2009. július 16., csütörtök


Tomorrow two week Balaton will be! ^o^

and... yesterday I saw dead baby bird

R.I.P BabyBird!!!

2009. július 14., kedd


The sleep was not going, because of this in the morning already 05:00 I read. And I photographed my panorama. ^o^

I went to afternoon 5 CDs buy.
I wanted to issue my favourites with a sick-note once already.

2009. július 11., szombat

my panorama today like that, than the candyfloss... OO

OO... sweet candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009. július 9., csütörtök

The grandparents' homes

I'm so Happy!
I am don't home.!.!.!
I'm in my grandparents' homes.
I have 8 days until I go to the Balaton lake.
oh yeah!

breakfast ... Yee-haw

I love Balaton!!! ^w^

2009. július 6., hétfő

They are I photographed last night.
This is my panorama.

Yestreday in the tv: "Helen a róka bébi" (Helen the fox babe)

I love Helen... u_u Helen's death is sad and

And now... this morning

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