2011. november 27., vasárnap

X-mas is coming!

Finally! The limited winter Nestea is on the store.

And the Christmas is very near! Can't wait! I love the people when the Christmas is coming! :D
X-mas stuff are everywhere, like this...

2011. november 4., péntek

2011. október 15., szombat

2011. október 13., csütörtök

2011. október 3., hétfő

Yesterday! Market, shopping, like every years in this day! (at Dunakeszi)

2 new doll!!! I love the porcelain dolls! :D

3 cool bracelets. Studded, glitter, skull... :D

Cute bunny!!!

And Avril perfume. cuz it smells good... best Avril perfume!

2011. szeptember 29., csütörtök


Vote for Allstar Weekend people!!!
They are 2nd!!!

2011. szeptember 24., szombat


Exactly 1 year ago today. I uploaded a photo of a little cat. Remember?

Recently, It's he!

The little white cat! Remember? I uploaded a photo of a cute little cat. ( http://twitpic.com/2rj1qr ) It's he now!

Poor cat. He lost the right eye, and somone poisoned. But he's alive! I love this cat! He's a fighter! :D

2011. szeptember 19., hétfő

2011. szeptember 18., vasárnap

2011. szeptember 15., csütörtök

Pics (BP-DK)

2011. szeptember 12., hétfő


2011. szeptember 9., péntek

2011. szeptember 2., péntek

Tour in the Erzsébet kilátó.

Some photos of today.

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